Urban living is becoming a more popular option in the Tampa Bay area, and as we migrate to high-rises and townhomes the importance of maximizing the kitchen increases as this often gains the status of the center of the home. Here are some great tips to consider when upgrading your kitchen to be just as beautiful as the views from your urban home.


Storage is always something we are looking to maximize in a home with a smaller footprint, so we look at every possible space to add a storage feature. Cabinetry is the number one way to do that; by lining an adjacent wall to the kitchen with cabinets you pick up a great deal more space and, done correctly, it can enhance the visual appeal overall of the kitchen/dining area.

Magical Sinks

Ok, we are not quite magicians but we can make a sink disappear! Possibly one of the only times we've ever paid attention to something Kim Kardashian made viral, was when she amused her Instagram followers by showing them her high-end disappearing sink. This style of sink basically doubles as an extra eating or counter space area when closed. This trend is pushing sink manufacturers to create more options at better prices for homeowners.


Just because you are living in a smaller space doesn't mean you can't have great countertops. We can maximize your counter space in just about any material including soapstone, wood, metal, and marble depending on what your project budget allows.

Maximizing Color

Urban living seems to have previously meant monochromatic or perfectly matched palettes. That sleek, uniform look seems to be giving way to more matte colors, bolder tones and mixing in materials like high gloss wood. Basically we are seeing a more natural mix of wood with high gloss colorful lacquers.

For those really wanting to add a pop of color, we suggest focusing on one item such as lower cabinets or a kitchen island. If you are looking for colors that won't feel dated quickly blues are a great option; they have been a lasting trend for the better part of five years and don't seem to be fading as the Pantone Color Institute just named Classic Blue as its 2020 Color of the Year.

A Smart Investment

Whether you're looking to rent your home, working toward selling it, or just trying to beautify the space you live in, a kitchen remodel can really pay off. And even small updates can make a major difference if you don't have the budget for big ones!

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