One of the biggest challenges in creating your dream kitchen is deciding on which finish to use. What makes it even more difficult is that there's no customary instruction to selecting easy care finishes or materials. Likewise, there are numerous rules and styles when working with a professional. Without a doubt, every project is different and requires a special touch.

However, most professionals will agree that there are certain guidelines to follow when creating a perfect kitchen to fit your needs. For instance, easy maintenance and preventing fingerprints from showing are critical factors when deciding on the ideal finish. In truth, many people feel that an easy clean up on appliances is a major feature to have in their dream kitchen. There are also other factors to consider when designing the ideal home kitchen.

Stainless Steel Finishes 

One of the most popular finishes is stainless steel. This is because there are several features that make it an outstanding selection. For instance, stainless steel is quite durable with a very strong structure, is simple and easy clean up on appliances plus easy maintenance and is environmentally friendly. Stainless steel will also blend in with most cabinets and décor.
Drawbacks to stainless steel can include that it is no longer original or unique and could be considered boring, it is prone to fingerprints, and most stainless steel appliances are monotone with a stainless finish on the appliance and the handle.

Black Stainless Steel Finishes

Black stainless steel has many features such as easy care finishes, minimal to no fingerprints when compared to regular stainless steel, and has contrast options like a black stainless steel appliance with stainless steel handles.
The cons are few but worth noting: limited consumer color testing, a new product with limited models, and there can be color variations, depending on the manufacturer.

Black Finishes

Black appliances are a great way to add depth to a kitchen. When working with a professional, they can suggest different ways to mix and match but still have a modern look. For instance, black appliances pair well with stainless as well as various color cabinets. In addition, black finishes tend to be more cost effective and easy on the budget.

White Finishes

White finishes make a kitchen look bigger and brighter and, in fact, they have the ability to make a kitchen feel larger as well. White finishes are classic and have a clean ambiance and shine. It may seem like you clean often to keep the surface shiny and sparkling, however this is well worth the rewards of a sunnier and larger space.

Slate Finishes

Slate finishes are more popular with consumers who like a warmer touch instead of the cold feel of stainless steel. Slate has a metallic look but also has a warm matte finish. In addition, the earth tone of a slate finish pairs well with a variety of colors and materials.

What is more, slate finishes are resilient to fingerprints and smudges, are versatile with earthy tones, look amazing against white cabinetry and are well-tested by consumers with high ranks. The biggest downfall of a slate finish is that it does not pair well with the shine and polished look of stainless steel.

Black Slate Finishes

About the time black stainless steel appliances became popular, black slate finishes were introduced. Unfortunately, black stainless steel took the limelight. However, black slate is quickly making a comeback in many contemporary kitchens.

Black slate features the same exceptional stone matte finish plus stainless steel handles for a nice contrast. Black slate appliances are also available through most manufacturers and come in a variety of styles. Black slate’s other benefits include resilience to fingerprints, a great contrast with white cabinets, it has rich and warm tones with a matte finish, and both contrasting and matching handles are available. By the same token, black slate has a few drawbacks like limited availability and being difficult to match it with stainless steel.

Color Finishes

Color finishes are quite popular for a modern look and contemporary décor. The ingenuity definitely makes a statement giving your kitchen the “wow” factor. However, color finishes are not for everyone. Keep in mind that when an appliance goes out it may be difficult to replace. Also, color appliances are generally more expensive than other finishes and styles. However, it is always worth it if it's the look you desire.

Work with the experts
Deciding on the best finish for your kitchen is a personal choice. However, if you find the process a bit challenging, your best option is to work with a professional. They will know what is best to suit your needs and desires when it comes to designing your dream kitchen.

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