Have you ever gotten so bored looking at your kitchen and thought you can go for something different? What about getting new kitchen cabinets? New kitchen cabinets always bring life to your kitchen and you can pair the cabinets with the floors or the counters, There is just so much to do when you put something new in your kitchen.

Upfacing kitchen with new cabinets :

•Refacing your cabinets cost half as much as replacing them•Takes less time and money

•It's less hassle than tearing out cabinets

•You can still use your kitchen while refacing

•Refacing won’t fix a bad kitchen design

•You might be tempted to spend more on exotic veneer and hardware

Hiring a professional (which is recommended) usually starts off at about $1,000 for Laminate. You should expect more if your desire is to have wood cabinets. I would say it would be pretty worth it, seeing that replacing your kitchen cabinets would cost more than refacing them. I did some research on how much up facing kitchen with new cabinets can go as high too and the most I saw was $9,000, which is not bad compared to replacing them which is $20,000. A lot of people don’t know if they are eligible to reface their cabinets or not, well according to https://www.houselogic.com/by-room/kitchen/refacing-kitchen-cabinets/ Improve Page. If you have the following you CANNOT reface your cabinets:

•If you have water damage
•Broken Frames
Cabinet Installation 
First, we need to know how these cabinets are installed. A hired professional will come to your home and measure every cabinet you want to be refaced. He/she will order all the products that they need and a week to a month later they will come back with everything they need to fix your cabinets. The professional will remove the old cabinets and prepare them for their new face. To prepare the cabinets for there new faces is step one in cabinet remodeling, the professional washes, and sands the cabinets. After, they fix anything that is exposing such as wood polking out, cracks, nails etc. It usually takes up to two to three days to complete this job. You can reface your kitchen cabinets by yourself, it just might take a little more time because you’re most likely not too experienced in this area. It’s okay because you don’t have to be! There is always articles and videos teaching you how to do this step by step without coming too much out of pocket.
Cabinet Remolding 
Cabinet remolding can actually be a lot of fun. At this point you’ve watched ALL the home improvement shows, you’ve watched the DIY network and gotten on there website, https://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/topics/kitchen-cabinets How to Kitchen Cabinets. There isn’t a lot of things you can do with damaged cabinets but if you have the typical wood cabinets that aren’t too bad and you want to keep the wood theme, all you have to do is sand them down and repaint, stain and refinish them. If you’re tired of the same old wood, it’s your best bet to replace the cabinets and add new hardware on them to get a new and fresh style. Cabinet Remodeling isn’t fun to the average person, I mean there is a lot that you have to put into it yourself. Remodeling cabinets do have a lot to do with; sanding, washing, measuring etc.. but it also has a lot to do with what most women love to do and that's designing. Of course, I will make a separate paragraph just for the ladies. My favorite part in watching HGTV is when they design the kitchen! I get excited just thinking about it, I mean the kitchen always looks perfect and it makes you not even want to cook in it.
Design Trends in 2019 for Kitchen Cabinets 
Okay, Ladies, I think at this point we’ve either lost the men or we gained their attention. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like to design. I’ve recently looked on my favorite website https://www.pinterest.com/ HomePage! I searched “Design Trends in 2019 for Kitchen Cabinets” This is my favorite search by far. My favorite color is black and I have so many ideas for my future kitchen, I would enjoy designing my kitchen cabinets as well as remodeling and refacing them. Even though we are in the first week of 2019 there are so many trends going on for kitchen cabinets, a lot of people love the Reclaimed Wood (gives you a frame house vibe), Two-toned Cabinets ( I love this!) “Griege” Cabinets (Yes that’s a thing and it’s absolutely beautiful. Of course, it’s not a proper search if https://www.google.com/ Homepage wasn’t involved! If you search “Design Trends in 2019 for Kitchen Cabinets” you’ll see thousands of results, I decided to go to the second page and went to this website: https://www.kbbonline.com/news/business/nkba-list-cabinetry-trends-2019-forecast/Cabinet Page. This website tells you everything you need to know about cabinetry, from the mixed materials professionals use, colors, style and different kinds of wood. The NKBA List also says that 23 percent of their consumers say their biggest mistake was penny-pinching on cabinets, lighting, and organization. We all know penny-pinching doesn’t get us where we want to be, so imagine being cheap with your cabinets, while the faces might look amazing, you won’t have any room to put your dishes in them and vise versa. Storage is a big deal and the main reason why we have cabinets in the first place, imagine paying $9,000 for the face and the only thing you can put inside is two cups, one bowl, and a plate. You have to make sure you're thinking logically before you decide to make the outside of our cabinets look pretty.

If 2019 is the year for your DREAM KITCHEN, the 2019 Pantone color of the year "Living Coral" may be just what you need to bring it to a new level.  Living Coral embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment.  Living Coral can be used on the walls as paint or in an art piece, on the floors with accent rugs, on the counters with appliances or dishes, or just as a counter display made up of candles or a flower arrangement.  Do not be afraid to live loud and with lots of color.

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