Showcasing Your Kitchen For The Holidays

The holidays are an amazing time of the year. Festivity reigns all around as the air is filled with excitement and a joyous anticipation of all the celebrations that are about to happen is felt everywhere. As the holidays approach, many people start to plan for all of the events and gatherings, especially if they are hosting any parties in their homes. Many people will traditionally have a gathering inviting their most cherished family and friends to celebrate the season with them. Since most parties almost always revolve around food, the kitchen will most likely be the hub of the entertainment area. And, of course, a proud host will want their kitchen to be spotless and decorated for the season. Here are some great kitchen cleaning tips that may help organize a host's holiday cleaning of the kitchen task.

Start At The Top

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house. With all the cooking, snacking, and families walking through all day, it definitely sees its share of wear and tear. While most kitchens are surface cleaned often, preparing for holiday visitors may call for a deeper clean. Starting at the top of the room with the ceiling area and fixtures is one of many great kitchen cleaning tips. There's bound to be a little dust or stains and it's a good idea to clean from top to bottom for the best results. As the dust falls, the other areas of the kitchen are able to be cleaned more effectively without getting something dirty that has already been cleaned.

Get Inside All The Cabinets

The insides of the cabinets is one area that may not be cleaned as often as, maybe, the stove-top. But, over time, dust and crumbs may accumulate in those areas. Again, working top to bottom is the best approach. This chore can actually be multi-tasked as the host will need to take a thorough inventory of food supplies on hand as well as ascertaining whether or not any additional serving ware might be needed. Clearing out all the cabinets and thoroughly cleaning them will let the host know exactly what items are currently on hand.

Clean All Those Holiday Dishes

Those beautiful, festive serving plates and dishes have been sitting idle for a while. Getting them cleaned and ready for use is a great way to alleviate any extra, unneeded stress for the host. This task can also be done while cleaning the cabinets since the dishes will already be out of their storage areas.

Take A Good Look At The Walls

Most of the time, the walls will only need a light dusting. However, sometimes, stains or scratches might have appeared and gone unnoticed. Most hosts are trying to create a festive atmosphere for their guests and will want the walls looking their best as well. A little touch-up repairs may be in order. Often, fall is considered the best time to think about painting as a part of getting the house ready for the holidays.

Counter Tops Care

Countertops are, most likely cleaned several times a day. But, they can still benefit from a deep cleaning. Along with the multitude of countertop styles, there are just as many cleaning tips for effective countertops care. Traditional Formica counters are probably the easiest to maintain. As long as they aren't damaged, they will only need a good spray cleaner and sponge to keep them looking like new. Marble and slate countertops are also, generally, easy to maintain simply by effectively cleaning on a regular basis. Ceramic tile counter tops, while beautiful and ornate, can become compromised over time. The tiles may crack if damaged and the grout can pick up stains from the constant use. Tiles can be replaced fairly inexpensively and there are plenty of options on the market for effective cleaners to bring the grout back to life. Beautiful countertops will only enhance the overall look of the kitchen.

Detail Clean The Appliances

The stove, oven, microwave, and refrigerator are usually cleaned fairly regularly and may only need a little extra effort to make them shine. However, those small appliances may take a little more effort as they may have collected a bit of dust since they aren't used as often. It's best to have all those little things cleaned and ready for their inevitable use as all those holiday goodies are created and shared.

The Floors

Cleaning from the top to the bottom would end with the floors. The floors in the kitchen will take more abuse and usage than any other room in the house. From the treading of the feet of the family and friends to the spilled foods too, maybe, even pets and their occasional accidents, the kitchen floor will certainly need its fair share of upkeep. As long as there isn't any damage, it may just need a thorough cleaning and mopping. But, if there appears to be any damage, this would be great to also think about repairing or replacing a kitchen floor surface.

Creating cherished memories while honoring and celebrating individual beliefs is what the holidays are all about. Families and friends take the time out of their busy lives to get together and revel in the festivities. Sometimes, the most hospitable and sincere celebrations will take place in someone's home and inevitably revolve around the kitchen. These special moments can create scenes of loved ones enjoying the moment while either partaking in the holiday goodies or, maybe, even helping with their preparation. A well-prepared host will make sure that the kitchen is both clean and fully prepared for all of the extra activity that the season brings. Holiday cleaning of the kitchen shouldn't be too much of a chore as long as the basic, functional parts of the kitchen have been taken care of all year long.

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