When considering various ways to increase the overall value of your home or condo, kitchens and bathrooms tend to have the highest return on investment. While there are many do it yourself videos, having a professional remodel your kitchen or bathroom is the best route to take. One of the best things to do if you plan to sell your home, or just want to increase the value of your investment focus on bathroom upgrades/additions and kitchen enhancements.
When remodeling or upgrading kitchen/bathroom there are many upgrades you can add to make a huge difference. You can add a nicer toilet and bidet, double sink, garbage disposal, extra counter space, upgrade fixtures, add a backsplash, heated floors, additional storage space, upgrade or install shower heads, or a steam shower. The materials used for the actual floor is very important also regarding the value increase of the home. Porcelain tiling or ceramic is a good option for bathroom floors. Ceramic and porcelain are great options because they are water resistant and look good. They offer a nice textured look and are not too expensive. A vinyl sheet or traditional tile is another option to consider like ceramic it is waterproof and not terribly expensive. Stone flooring is another good option, while it can be a bit expensive they are very durable and can greatly enhance the look of the bathroom.
Bathrooms without mentioning are crucial to any modern home, despite this fact they are often overlooked. However, by updating your bathroom or even adding another bathroom will greatly increase the value of your home. When considering increasing your home's value, you have to decide if a remodel is best or a complete overhaul of everything in the existing space.
Before any upgrade to the kitchen/bathroom, you have to make sure the foundational related essential functionality is working correctly. Ensure all pipes leading to sinks, bathtubs, showers, and toilets are working properly, have the correct water pressure and don't have any leaks. You also have to make sure any electrical issue has been addressed and any structural related issues like any floor repairs, wall or ceiling issues are addressed.
Having a professional remodel your kitchen/bathroom is the best route because they have the necessary experience based on what you want to add or remove if there is enough room. There may be a need to tear down walls, add new walls, a professional electrician and or plumber may be necessary also.
Another essential step when upgrading your bathroom or kitchen is ensuring the color schemes match the rest of the house. If you are upgrading with the intention of selling your home or condo, it's a good idea to select neutral colors. Selecting neutral colors to allow potential buyers to add color schemes that suit their unique taste.
When dealing with bathroom upgrades or remodeling a great way to increase home value is to increase the size of the bathroom. Increasing the size of the bathroom can be accomplished by actually moving walls to increase the space, or even given an illusion as if space is bigger. To give the illusion of more bathroom space can be accomplished by replacing a bathroom with a standing shower. You can also make bathrooms appear larger by installing brighter light fixtures or adding lights around bathroom mirrors.
Kitchen upgrades can also be accomplished with a few upgrades here and there by a professional. Again if upgrading with the intent of selling your home or condo, it’s best to have neutral color schemes. You want to allow potential buyers to apply their own personal style to the kitchen. Countertops are essential to increase the value of the home by way of the kitchen. The countertops are what gives the kitchen that upscale look and is where most food preparation is done. Adding a good durable stone countertop can greatly enhance the look and feel of the kitchen. Granite, onyx, soapstone, granite, marble, slate, or travertine are all great options. Countertop materials vary in cost depending on the size needed, so consider both the costs and color when making a selection.
The kitchen sink is the centerpiece of the kitchen and a good sink can make a big difference when upgrading. Adding a stainless steel double sink that blends perfectly with the countertop can go a long way. Most potential home buyers immediately imagine themselves in the kitchen preparing meals and counter space is going to really brighten or damper their daydream. Another kitchen enhancement is to install a kitchen stove venting system. Stove vents not only enhance the functionality of the kitchen, by controlling smells from cooking overtime but can also increase home value and the appeal of your home to potential buyers. Another quick way to greatly increase the appeal of your kitchen is to upgrade kitchen appliances. Adding a new stove, refrigerator and other appliances give the kitchen an immediate “pop” and make the overall feel of the kitchen better.
Kitchen and bathroom upgrades or enhancements add the most value to your home. While these rooms tend to be the smallest rooms in the house, they have the biggest impact on the overall value of the home or condo.
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