Not only do Richard and Julie know how to create and build amazing kitchens—they also know a thing or two about how to handle the events that surround them! Here are few quick tips to help relieve some of the stress that the holiday can bring.

  1. Set the table the night before, it will relieve stress of last minute details for the day of your dinner.
  2. Get a final head count the day before to make sure you have ample seating and food.
  3. Welcome guests to bring something to the meal, take some of the stress off yourself.
  4. Make as many of the dishes in advance, less stress the day off the meal.
  5. Order some of the dishes/desserts from your favorite local restaurant or grocery store.
  6. Try to incorporate some simple, healthy side dishes.
  7. Think beyond the kids table! Have plenty of all age board games on hand to keep them entertained throughout the day.
  8. Invite someone to stay behind and help get caught up on the dishes

We wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

If you find this year you've outgrown your current kitchen or are ready to give it that makeover you always wanted, make a post Thanksgiving plan to stop in our showroom to see how we can make your kitchen a space you can't wait to show of the next time your friends and family are over! 




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