Spring is just around the corner and the season always sparks fresh beginnings and a clean start to the rest of  the year. The kitchen is a great place to start your spring cleaning regimen.  Below we list advice and tips on how to clean specific parts of your kitchen from our most popular lines, as well as strategies to keep the entire kitchen clean.

Cleaning Schedule

Neglect is a guaranteed way for your kitchen to deteriorate. Having a cleaning schedule will make cleaning the kitchen become instinct. This method works wonders for a two-or-more person household with a large amount of dishes and wear and tear in the kitchen. It should take roughly 20 minutes for one person to clean the kitchen, imagine how quick it could be done with help!

Tools of the Trade

Make sure you always have the proper cleaning materials handy in the kitchen. You may often want to use them while cooking, so its best to have them nearby. It’s very important that you know what types of materials in your kitchen will need cleaning and what type of cleaner to use. Do some research and stock up.

Caring for Granite & Cambria Countertops

One of our most popular lines in countertops would be Cambria. Resilient as they are, granite countertops need very specific care and you could be causing it harm if you are not caring for it in the proper way.


Cabinet Care

Cabinets require a lot of specific care. One of our most popular cabinet lines, KraftMaid, offers these cleaning tips for all of their many types and styles of cabinets.

Helpful cleaning tips from our friends at KraftMaid Cabinetry

Stainless Steel Sinks and Fixtures are quite popular here are some great tips from our friends at Kohler 

Cleaning tips from Kohler

The Obvious

Dishes, floor and countertops. These are givens and are usually all that ever gets cleaned. These are obviously important
things to have clean as most of them come within direct contact of you and your food. Be sure that these three are cleaned daily. Remember to not leave anything on your countertops. Do you want ants? Because that’s how you get ants…

The Not-So Obvious


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