Spring has arrived!  While we don’t get the harsh winters our friends in other parts of the country do its still that time of year where we start thinking about projects; the new landscaping in the front yard, finally doing something about these dated bathrooms, adding that outdoor kitchen in the back yard you always wanted…this list goes on.

Spring is a great time to consider a remodel it’s a great way to clean out the house and transform a room into an updated, fresh new space for your family to enjoy for years to come. But where does one begin?   It can get a bit overwhelming so we’ve created some quick tips to keep it simple and stress free!

  1. Determine your wishes and wants.  This is the time to think about the space you want to remodel and why.  What’s not working?  What are the things you wish it always had?  What are things you’ve seen that you always wanted?   While this is a good time to dream, also make sure you are categorizing your wants into must haves and nice to haves-this makes it easier to narrow the focus when you get to the next step…budget!
  2. Have an honest look at what you realistically want to spend and evaluate as well that what you spend will add value in your home down the road if you choose to sell later on.  It’s usually recommended to pad your budget number by 10% to accommodate anything for unexpected that might come up down the road.
  3. Review your timeline. What’s the ideal time for this to happen is there a particular event, season, visit from family, etc. you are trying to have this done in time for?  Make sure to look at times that absolutely wouldn’t work so when you talk to your design/contractor team you can communicate those.  They’ll be able to give you a clearer time frame but you should have realistic expectations that projects like a kitchen remodel are going take approximately six weeks to complete.
  4. Find the right designer and contractor and understand their roles.  The beauty of working with full service remodel professionals, like Grand Kitchen + Bath, is they handle all the details from their in-house design team to contractor staff.  You are not hiring multiple people from various companies and trying to play project manager to keep them all in line and on budget, that’s what we do. 

    With our Concierge Packages we make the planning and design process simple and easy:

    The Beginning | $75

    • Initial Cabinet Selection
    • In Home Consultation & Measure
    • One Design Concept
    • One Design Review

    Giant Step | $450

    • Complete Selection Session
    • In Home Consultation & Measure
    • One Design Concept
    • One Design Review
    • Detailed Selections & Drawings Provided (not architectural)
  5. Plan for change.  In the case of an entire room remodel such as a kitchen or bathroom, you undoubtable will have to plan ahead for changes in traffic patterns in the home and functionality of part or all of that room for certain periods of time.  Be sure to get a full understanding of these potential changes with your design/contractor team upfront so accommodations can be made to avoid trying anyone’s patience in the home!
  6. Prepare to enjoy.  Hitting the finish line and seeing the full unveiling of your new space is the most exciting part!  If it’s a remodel on your kitchen or outdoor entertaining space we highly recommend throwing a party with friends and neighbors to celebrate (and of course show it off!).

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