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    Innovations From KraftMaid

    One of our favorite cabinetry lines, KraftMaid, continues to amaze us with their latest innovations to help make your kitchen modern and convenient regardless of your style! Just take...

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    Testimonial: Completely Remodeled Kitchen

    Every now and then, we get customers who are so happy with our work and designs that they feel the need to let us know how pleased they are!...

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    The Beauty of Porcelain Tile

    Porcelain tile continues to grow in popularity for remodeling projects in the kitchen, bath and even outdoor areas for many reasons. Compared to earlier types of tile on the...

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    2016 Kitchen Trends

    We don’t typically refer to kitchen interiors as a trend in the way one would in fashion because a kitchen remodel should last for many years in your home...

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    Grand Kitchen + Bath Presents: Presidents Day Kitchen Renovations!

    The White House Kitchen has had numerous renovations over the years, however one of our favorite story’s is of the Roosevelt administration.  In 1933 Ms. Roosevelt’s housekeeper, Henrietta Nesbitt,...

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