As the calendar days begin to move through summer and parents think about the impending school year, that dark cloud of chaos starts to appear. Many homes certainly turn into a circus when it is time for the little ones to head back to school. If this happens in your household, then you may be looking for DIY or professional remodeling in keeping with small kids and organized lives. For the past month, you may have mentally mulled over the following questions: What bathroom additions make things easier for small kids going back to school? Which kitchen must haves for small kids make things easier for back to school? Should you hire a professional to make changes to these rooms? Do you need to make large changes, or can you make a few small changes? Fortunately, we have found a few suggestions that will help to keep the beginning of the school year chaos at bay for parents and help get the little ones up, dressed, fed, and off to school.

Let's start with the first question: What bathroom additions make things easier for small kids going back to school? We have found that it is amazing how small changes can make a difference. Adding a small basket layered with socks/clothing on the bottom, a wash cloth on top of the clothes, and the toothbrush on top of the wash cloth gives visual cues for children to brush, wash, and then dress. A mini sand glass timer will show the child how long he/she should brush their teeth. Adding an additional faucet to the bathroom will allow two children to wash their faces and brush their teeth at the same time. This will save you the headache of listening to them fight in the bathroom while you are trying to get ready. Wall mounted body wash and shampoo will make it easier for children to access these items when taking their shower prior to bed time. Getting them to bed on time is definitely something that makes the mornings go smoother. Install towel racks that are child height to deter them throwing their towels on the floor (it will probably happen anyway, but at least you tried). Step stools are a must if you don't want to have to turn the sink on/off for little ones with short arms. Touch free facets are great as well. They also help little ones be more independent with operating the faucets as well as keeping them from leaving the water running.

Here are some kitchen must haves for small kids to make things easier for back to school. Individual reusable water bottles filled with water, juice or milk and reusable bento boxes filled with fruit, yogurt, and granola or cereal placed on a low shelf in the refrigerator allow small ones to grab a drink and complete quick breakfast prep independently. Once again, it is wonderful how small changes can make a difference. Install a kitchen island; it is a great place for children to eat breakfast while you review the day's schedule. They will be in close proximity to you while you pack lunches. A snack cabinet that is one of the lower kitchen drawers or on one of the lower shelves in the pantry makes it easier for children to grab a snack for school. Touch free faucets also work well in the kitchen.

As you can see, there are several things that you can do in the kitchen and the bathroom to make things easier for back to school. Both large and small changes can make a difference. You don't necessarily need to hire a professional to make changes to these rooms. However, if you choose to, then be sure to hire one than can complete remodeling and keep small kids and organized lives in mind. And keep Grand Kitchen + Bath top of mind for any project you find you need for your home. Best of luck during the upcoming school year!

The holidays are considered to be special times for both family and friends. With all of the celebrating that goes on, your house may even be one of the main gathering places for many of these activities. Therefore, if you are hosting holiday events in your home, you may want to get a jump on remodeling your kitchen or bathroom to have it done before the holidays. Having said this, here are a few recommendations that you can use to kick off your holiday home improvement plans:

1. Talk to Professional Remodeling Companies

Getting the job done before the holidays can be a challenging undertaking if you are looking to get some major work done in time. This is especially the case if you want to completely remodel your kitchen and/or the bathroom. In either case, you need to know what you start can be completed before you open your doors for holiday entertainment. So, one of the first things that you will want to do is to schedule a consultation with a remodeling company that offers the skills and experience for the improvement projects that you have in mind. For instance, if you want an estimate of the work that needs to be completed, you may request the initial consultation to be held in your home. The role that these professionals play can vary from one consultation request to the next since the scope can change. Typically, if the home renovation professional provides you with a few suggestions for your project, there may not be a charge for the consulting fees. However, if the initial consultations involve discussing multiple plans with detailed design work, there is often a charge that has already been agreed upon. “At Grand Kitchen & Bath, we ensure that the vision you have for your remodeling project will become a reality both within your budget and your timeline,” says Richard Valmain, Co-Owner.

2. Set a Realistic Budget

As most of you already know the cost of these holiday home improvement projects do not always come cheap. In fact, based on the type of enhancements to the home that you will be making, the price tag can be quite costly, and your budget can take a big hit. To assist in minimizing the financial impact that these projects can have on your pocket, it is important that you set a realistic budget for the work that needs to be done. Therefore, when you are talking with the renovation consultant about remodeling the bathroom or the kitchen area, you need to have a good idea ahead of time of the amount that will be needed and the amount that you can afford to pay. Whatever the case, you need to ensure that you have allotted enough financing to ensure the job is well done and your home looks professionally renovated.

3. Establish a Timeline for the Remodel Projects

Having professionals remodel your kitchen or bathroom is one of the best ways to meet the deadlines for the holidays. This is because these professionals have the skills, experience, and expertise to start and complete these jobs within a specific time frame. So, for those of you who want to make sure the home improvements made in the kitchen or the bathroom will meet the deadline and its overall premium requirements, you need to discuss the timeline for the work that has to be done. For instance, in the timeline that is created, the designer of the newly remodeled bathroom or kitchen will need to consider several different factors including the actual design time, how much time that it will take for picking the brands, and the construction work that has to be completed. You and the professional remodeling specialist will make sure that the timeline or the remodeling plan gives the homeowner a chance to start picking the brands that they want for the appliances in their kitchen and bathroom areas.

4. Choose from a Complete Overhaul of Your Kitchen and Bathroom or Choose to Extend the Sizes

If you know that you are entertaining a large number of people in your home during the holidays, you may also be thinking about having enough room to host fun activities. While some homeowners may want to simply overhaul their bathrooms with a more updated and recent modern-day look, others may prefer extending the size of the bathroom and kitchen to a much larger space. Therefore, before you begin working on the construction of these jobs, you need to make sure to determine which option will suit your situation and preferences best. For instance, if you want to extend the size of your kitchen or your bathroom, this may involve knocking down one or more of the walls. Hence, before you begin this type of project before the holidays, you need to ensure that you have time, physical resources, a detailed plan, and the finances to tackle these jobs aggressively.

5. Leave Time to Decorate Your Newly Designed Kitchen or Bathroom

The design time that is included in your timeline may not factor in what needs to be done after the construction of the kitchen or bathroom has been completed. Because time is of the most essential in getting these types of big jobs done by a certain time, you may also factor in the time needed to furnish the new kitchen or bathroom with new appliances and decorations. By having professionals remodel your kitchen or bathroom, they can always assist in decorating these new parts of the home with the best furnishings. Therefore, it is very important on the front end to know exactly what appliances will go in the new kitchen before it is considered to be completed, based on the timeline or remodel projects. The timeline or the remodel projects will also be provided to everyone involved so that they will have the appropriate resources to do the job well and with the highest professional quality possible.

6. Choose Reliable Remodeling Companies to Do the Work

Beauty, quality and time are of the essence when you are working to be ready for the upcoming holidays. Therefore, before these projects are started, you need to know in advance if you are working with a reputable kitchen or bathroom remodeling company. Before you approve these jobs to be done, you need to obtain some information about their background. For instance, you need to see a portfolio of the work that they have done, customers who can vouch for their work ethics, and their ability to provide the work that is requested on schedule. By choosing reliable remodeling companies, you can avoid potentially having to entertain your family and friends in a home that is still in the process of being remodeled. As Richard Valmain states, “We will make sure your home is beautiful and is just want you envisioned.

Remodeling Your Bathroom Adds Value to Your Home Is your bathroom looking worn or outdated? Do you wake up in the night to the sound of running water because the mechanism in your toilet is stuck open? Do you find yourself going over to friends’ homes and feeling envious of their dream bathroom? Well, put away that green monster and remodel your bathroom! You too can have a beautiful, tranquil bathroom in your home. After all, remodeling your bathroom increases the overall value of your home. Some things to consider when remodeling your bathroom (and adding value to your home) are choosing permanent fixtures that are more neutral not only in color but also in style. Many choices in tile, flooring, countertops, sinks, tub enclosures or any other permanent fixture in your bathroom can be easily converted from one style to another with paint and accessory changes. For example, if you choose a gray, white, or other neutral-toned tile for the walls surrounding your tub and a white sink, toilet, and tub, it would be simple to make those colors contemporary, minimalist, mid-century modern, transitional or any other popular style. Thus, adding more value to your home in the event you put it on the market for sale. Creating your dream bathroom can turn out to be a big project for you to try and tackle by yourself. If you do not have a lot of time or you are not very handy with plumbing and electrical issues, hiring a licensed contractor to remodel your bathroom is definitely for you. Sometimes, upon taking out the old fixtures there are additional surprises like rotting sub floor, mold in the sheetrock or under the fixtures. It might be best for you to hire a contractor to take care of the unexpected surprises that may be found. Hiring a contractor with a lot of experience and a good reputation can make your remodeling project a lot less frustrating and time consuming. When hiring a contractor to remodel your bathroom, here are some tips for finding a good contractor: Make sure when you are considering a contractor that you meet with them in person and are confident that they understand your vision of the finished bathroom you want in your home. Once you have hired a contractor, getting exactly what you want in your dream bathroom takes some knowledge and planning. It is a good idea to look at different color schemes, decorating ideas and styles, choosing the decorating ideas that are pleasing to your eye and that flow with the style of the rest of your home. There are many social media sites that have some great ideas. Some of the larger home improvement stores not only have ideas, but workshops for you to see the processes. This allows you not only to see the finished product in person, but touch and feel the texture of the technique. Do some research to make sure you are getting exactly what you want in your bathroom. Before hiring a contractor to begin your remodel, here are a few things you might want to have in your hand and ready to show the contractor: You may think, “I do not have enough money to remodel, I am stuck with what I have”. In reality, it does not matter if your budget is large, small or in-between, you can remodel your bathroom and add overall value of your home. A beautifully remodeled bathroom in your home will attract more home buyers, if you are looking to sell in the future. Additionally, quality finishes and trendy styles can quickly add dollars to the appraisal report. If you are not remodeling your bathroom to sell your home, still it is always a good idea to keep increasing the value of your home. Remodel your bathroom for you. Start looking now at social media ideas, talk with coworkers and friends about your dream bathroom, stop at the home improvement store in your area on the way home. Start gathering paint colors, ideas, tile samples, flooring samples. You deserve to have exactly what you want - a beautiful, luxurious bathroom in your home for you to enjoy every day.

An outdoor kitchen is the place to host family, hold big events, or simply cook outside and enjoy the warm weather as much as possible. There are a few tips listed below that explain what an outdoor kitchen can do for you, and you will discover that the outdoor kitchen can completely change the way you manage your home and your meal schedule.

1. What Is an Outdoor Kitchen? An outdoor kitchen is a fully-functioning kitchen that sits on your deck, on your patio, or by your pool. Everyone has their own way of setting up their outdoor kitchen, but these kitchens are no different from what you would see inside. The kitchen usually has a large countertop, stove, and oven. You can have a full fridge installed or you might have a mini-fridge placed under the counter. You might have a full bar set up with an ice chest, and you could have a blast chiller installed if you want a place to keep your cold desserts.

2. Why Would You Install an Outdoor Kitchen?

Everyone who installs an outdoor kitchen will find that they like cooking outside because they are not as concerned about making a mess. You can enjoy the Florida weather while you are cooking, and you can even lie down in a lounge chair while certain things are simmering or baking.

3. The Outdoor Kitchen Makes Things Easier The outdoor kitchen makes your life that much simpler because you can move your entire party outside. There is no need to walk in and out of the house, and you will find that you can fill the air with the smell of your cooking instead of sitting inside the house where the kitchen made everything a little bit too stuffy. You can easily wipe down and sweep the kitchen when you are done cooking, and you can spend more time outside.

4. The Kitchen Adds Real Value to Your Home The kitchen adds value to your home and backyard because it is not a common item. Most people do not have a kitchen sitting just outside their home, and you will entice more people to come over for gatherings because they want to see what the kitchen is like. The outdoor kitchen cuts down on the need for an excuse to go outside and grill because you can cook everything in this space. Plus, an outdoor kitchen is an installation that people will pay a premium for when it comes time to sell the house.

5. Hosting Is Easier The outdoor kitchen makes things easier because you can have your whole party in one place. It is very easy for you to bring people over, to cook for them in a public space, and watch over your food even while you talk to your friends or sit by the pool. You could even put something in the oven that you know needs to bake for half an hour, and you could jump in the pool while you wait for the timer to ring. You could get in the pool while someone else is cooking, and you could even shout a recipe from the pool or your lounge chair.

6. The Outdoor Kitchen Is Designed to Stand Up To Bad Weather The outdoor kitchen will stand up to poor weather, and it comes with a special cover that will protect the kitchen from wind and rain. The appliances can be locked and closed, and the cover will keep debris from damaging all your appliances. Plus, you can use any furniture in this space because you will have more area around the kitchen itself; an outdoor kitchen is much easier to sit in while people are cooking.

7. The Outdoor Kitchen Helps You Serve Everyone The outdoor kitchen makes it easy for people to serve the whole group. The countertop that comes along with your outdoor kitchen makes it easy for you to set up the buffet style meal that you plan to offer. Because of this, you can invite a lot of people over who can easily access the food that you have made. People who are hosting events inside have a hard time with the buffet arrangements because there is only so much room. Plus, you can set up a bar outside with your outdoor kitchen that does not get in the way. Wheeling in the cart for making drinks is much easier when you have extra space to work with.

Conclusion The outdoor kitchen that you have installed on your deck or patio could greatly benefit your lifestyle, change how you entertain, and allow you to enjoy the weather a lot more. You could set up a kitchen outside that allows you to cook everything you need for a big party, and you will find that the kitchen can double as a wet bar, allow you to serve all the food you just made, and will give you easy access to the pool. Enjoy the weather more this summer by cooking in an outdoor kitchen.

You can remodel your home with help from a contractor, but you need to know how to choose that contractor. You must be sure that you have found professionals to remodel the house that will listen to what you want. Contractors can do a full renovation inside the house or you could have a simple addition done; subcontractors can install tile or flooring or help with plumbing. Here are ten things you need to know when choosing your contractor:

1. The Contractor Must Have A License 

The contractor must have a current license and they must be licensed to do any specialty work that they offer. This means that a plumber has a plumber’s license, the contractor has a contractor’s license, and the company has a license to do business in the state. This is a very simple thing to check as it is public information. If you are not getting this important information on your contractor you could come across someone who will do you wrong.

2. They Should Do Free Estimates 

The company should do free estimates to remodel your home. A company that will make a full sketch of what they plan to do for you or makes a full invoice that explains expenses is a good company to go with. You can save a lot of money because the company may trim the estimate to make your job much more cost-effective. You should get more than one estimate so that you get the best deal.

3. They Should Use Good Products 

You need to look through the products that the company offers and they need to offer you a chance to look at the materials that they will provide to you. These companies should ensure that you have signed off on anything that might be a problem for you. You get to approve all the things that are used on your home and you will be in a place where you are doing the right thing for your home without compromising your safety.

4. They Work On A Schedule 

The company should work on your schedule and you need to be sure that you have given them a schedule and they have agreed to it. You may want to have your remodel done for a big family gathering, getting ready for the holidays, or getting ready for the summer season. Make sure that you have the right plan in place with the contractor for the remodel so that you can be confident that the work will be done on time.

5. They Will Check In With You 

You need to check in with the company often so that you know they are doing what they said they would do. The company will give you reports on what they have done and they will make you feel much more comfortable with the progress that you are making. You will be told when all materials are in and they will tell you how they are doing as they do the construction. If you cannot get in touch with them or they are not reaching out to you, they are not worth your time and your money.

6. They Are Friendly 

The contractor and staff should have a professional and friendly demeanor. They should be willing to give you explanations of everything that they do and they need to have someone in their office that will talk to you when you call. No one wants to work with a company employing rude staff and it will be very hard for you to have a good feeling about the job if the people doing it are disrespectful to you. The second you find a problem, you will start to wonder if they did a good job on anything.

7. They Have Good Reviews 

You can learn a lot about these companies by checking out their reviews. The company should have good reviews online and you need to call their references to find out how they do their work. You will never have to wonder if they will finish the job in the right way.

8. They Send A Large Crew 

You should not work with a company that only sends one guy to do the job. You have to be sure that the company you hire will send a large number of people to get the work done quickly. You also have to remember that you can get the best possible work done when all the right people are there. You will not have to wait to see the work done.

9. They Offer Discounts 

The best company will drop its prices on certain jobs through programs and discounts. These discounts make it easier for you to save money.

10. The Company Can Come Back 

You need to have access to this company in the future to do touch-ups or service on the things they have installed. Make sure at the beginning that they have a follow-up program in place.


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